Legal Issues Pre-Move-In Series

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Tenant-Landlord Law 2 hrs

In the rental relationship it is very important to start out with a clear understanding between you and your resident. From the very beginning you should understand the legal aspects of the rental. Even at the outset of the rental there are crucial items to consider that can both help you be more efficient and keep you in compliance with the law. Devoting attention to doing things correctly from the outset can also save you time and distress if the rental relationship ever sours.

Our attorney, Jeff Greenberger of Katz, Greenberger and Norton in Cincinnati, walks you through the concepts of:

  • Rental Standards
  • Applications
  • Rejection of applicants
  • Deposits
  • Fees

This overview of basic legal concepts that you should be aware of at the outset can be invaluable for your protection, profit and efficiency.

Legal Issues Pre-Move-In Series includes these courses

Legal Issues Pre-Move-In Part 1: Rental Standards
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Legal Issues Pre-Move-In Part 2: Applications
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Legal Issues Pre-Move-In Part 3: Rejection and Deposits
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Legal Issues Pre-Move-In Part 4: Other Fees
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